Kickball Tournament

At P.U.R.E. Xperience, we are all about teamwork, respect, unity, peace, and love. Therefore when we heard about an event hosted by Anti Bully Squad, we knew we had to take part.  Anti Bully Squad is a great organization, which prides itself in keeping our youth safe from bullies, and there’s no better way to send this message then with raising awareness! The Anti-Bully Squad turns to the help of athletes, musicians, actors and anyone else who can help spread the important message about anti-bullying. Their mission is to create a permanent solution to bullying through education, avocation, awareness, and prevention. Through good moral character with the dedicated support of its followers, Anti Bully Squad plans to create an environment that will not tolerate bullying and its adverse affects on any individual. On June 20th, 2015, Anti Bully Squad hosted a kickball tournament to spread their message, and we knew we had to participate and put together a P.U.R.E. Xperience team to kick bullying! The tournament was put together with the help of former Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus and by the Kisses for Kyle Foundation. The event was awesome, and it was great to see so many Anti Bullying supporters. With the presence of a few local news crews, we got our 5 minutes of fame and were able to send the anti bullying message loud and clear to let everyone know that P.U.R.E. Xperience proudly supports our friends over at Anti Bully Squad. We would like to thank all of our supporters for coming together and joining our kickball team! Although we didn’t win, we couldn’t think of a better cause to support! We have zero tolerance for bullying, and we are glad to be able come together with others who have the same stance as we do!

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